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Woss 3000 Equalizer Suspension Trainer Review

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Hello everyone, it’s Yunier here once again to review another home gym equipment. Today I’m taking the time to give you my Woss 3000 Equalizer Suspension Trainer Black Made USA Review. This is a very hot product in the market and specially so for the drop of price that it just recently experience.

The woss 3000 was at $130 but it dropped all the way down to just a $37.49 on amazon. With that being said let’s get down to the in’s and out’s of this product.

If you are unfamiliar with suspension trainers then you might want something easier to use like resistance bands. I did a review on the Black Mountains which might be one of the best right now.

What Is The Woss 3000 Equalizer Suspension Trainer?

If you came across my website searching for reviews on the Woss 3ooo Equalizer then I’m sure you encountered the TRX suspension training before. Well, the Woss 3000 is the same type of home gym equipment unless different is that it’s 1/4 of the price.

If this one doesnt appeal to you then you might like to take a look at the TRX Suspension Trainer Basic Kit which I also reviewed.

Suspension training simply implies that you are strength training with ropes and “suspension trainer” by pulling against your own body weight, a type of resistance. You can do this type of training pretty much anywhere, indoor or outdoor.

The Good

The Portable WOSS System is made in the USA. The system’s center strap comes with two adjustable cam buckles to easily adjust the height of the workout, one Lark’s Knot Loop Door Anchor, one Anywhere-Anchor Cam Buckle Strap with built-in Door Anchor and one Double Loop Strap – ideal for bars and rafters. You also receive a drawstring bag to store your workout system.

You can anchor the Trainer by using the Lark’s Knot Door Anchor or use the 8 ft. Anywhere Cam Buckle Strap attaches to any vertical or horizontal fixtures such as a tree trunk or tree branch.

The Center Strap goes through a special WOSS D-Ring which will help you to train your core muscles more – faster results.

This system comes with our “FULL BODY QUICK START EXERCISES” sheet demonstrating 18 exercises to get you started right away. Should you need help with a video demonstration here is a link to our Sample Exercises – simply click on the picture: . No shiny boxes here. No DVDs to collect dust. Just what you need – First Class Equipment; Made in the USA.

Build body strength with your own weight. Very portable and easy to use and very adjustable. Perfect for beginners to expert.

The Bad

  • The instructions are not thorough for the exercises as they should be
  • Compared to the TRX it is not as durable ( I’m not saying it’s a copy but it’s not as good)
  • Lack of add on’s makes some exercises difficult to execute

What Does It Include?

  • Comes with 2 center straps for different height users
  • Brings door anchors and cam buckle for any anchor point
  • Also brings free and paid extra program on their website for additional training
  • I really like how it comes in a bag/pouch that is easily transferred making it very convenient for travelling. The simple but durable design for the most part makes it very to do countless amount of exercises. Each chord carries a 3,000 lbs capacity which in total gives you 6,000 lbs .

What Are Customers Saying?

I quoted some of the feedback for you here, one said “I’m a certified personal trainer. I use the TRX at my gym, and was looking for something to use for myself and my clients when we train at the park. This is perfect – sturdy and reliable, and reasonably priced. It does exactly what the TRX does for a fraction of the cost.”

Another one said, “Great quality for much cheaper would definitely recommend these to anyone”

Take a look at what others are saying, click here for more reviews.

My Verdict

As you can see many like the Woss 3000 Equalizer Suspension Trainer and rightfully so as it’s a very good piece of equipment to have on your own home. I would totally recommend the woss 300 equalizer trainer as an awesome substitute for the expensive TRX.

I should warn you that there is no real product like the TRX suspension trainer as this has superb designs as it was carefully designed and made by the navy seals. You shouldn’t expect anything less as this is top notch material but for us who cant afford such an equipment for over $200 the next best option would be the Woss 3000 Equalizer Suspension Trainer without a doubt.

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