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TRX Suspension Trainer Review

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There are many people that believe they need heavy metal gym equipment’s at home to workout but that just isn’t the case. I’m taking the time today to give you my TRX Suspension Trainer Basic Kit + Door Anchor Review.

I will reveal if this product is one that could help you workout from the comfort of your own home without wasting thousandths of dollars.

What Is The TRX Suspension Trainer Basic Kit + Door Anchor?

Let’s face it everyone, sometimes we have the time to work out at the gym as it’s too time consuming. The TRX Suspension Trainer Basic Kit provides you with everything to cover all your fitness requirements. There is nothing like exercising for free and what’s even better is that this product is portable, meaning you can take it with you anywhere you like.

This is more than a product, it’s a system made to help you build strength, increase flexibility , and actually workout efficiently. All your fitness bases are covered with this system as shortly I’ll show you all the features. It rbings a bunch of straps that are easily connected to diverse your exercises and workouts.

TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training System

The Features

  • Includes TRX suspension training P2 Model
  • TRX Door anchor (door anchor is located inside of the nylon bag) , TRX storage bag
  • 2 Bonus workouts TRX endurance circuit and TRX metabolic blast
  • 65-Minute basic training DVD & full-color 35 page workout guide (guide located inside DVD case)
  • 30-Day, 100% satisfaction guarantee

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 8 x 5.8 inches
  • Product Weight: 1.6 pounds

Full Body Workout

First off, I’m a big fan of full body workouts specially if you are targeting weight loss. This system really does help out as you can do any type of exercises just using your body weight. I’m a big fan of this system as it does help you build lean muscle by cutting down on your fat.

This is my opinion, building durable muscles is done through the act of body weight muscle as it’s harder to do 10 full pull ups than it is to bench your weight.


The training that comes within the DVD is nothing out of this world but I do admit that it could be useful for any new beginners that are trying to get started with full body weight workouts. But everything that is in the DVD I could probably find through out the internet.

If you look in YouTube you could probably find a lot of videos that provide you with the same type of workouts but overall it’s good that they added the video. They also added the 35 page guide that I actually found quite useful as that will help you get started with your workouts.

There is also an app that you can get within the app store which lets you follow with your workouts and view all the different type of exercises you can perform.

Some Workout Advice

Now if you buy this product you will probably want to start doing a bunch of exercises and as much fun as that may sound that is the wrong way to go.

Remember, most likely this is the first time that you are experiencing these type of exercises. I strongly recommend that you go through your exercise at a slow pace to target your muscles more directly and to concentrate on your form. You want to be able to perform the exercises correctly if not there isn’t no use and you are also risking yourself to injury.

So remember keep it slow and work on your form.

My Verdict

At the end of the day, I do recommend the TRX Suspension Trainer Basic Kit + Door Anchor as it does offer a lot for the price of 189.95. Any beginner will benefit from this product and even more advance gym rats as they will be able to diverse their workouts even more for optimal results.

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