Total Gym 1900 Home Gym Review

Over the course of the last decade the world has changed the way home gyms are are being viewed. Today I want to take the time and give a look at the total gym 1900 home gym to give you my review explaining what is this home gym and if it will serve a purpose for you at at your house.

As you may know these total gyms were made to avoid all the dumbbells and free weights that you would normally be required to have to workout. Traditionally to have a home gym at your house will be super expensive with the cost of each dumbbell being over $100. The next best step was to create an equipment that didn’t require any free weight which resulted in the birth of total gyms.

I’d also recommend you to take a look at the Total Gym XLS and see if it fits your requirements.

I will reveal the good and the bad about the total gym 1900 home gym but if you want to just go straight to buying the total gym 1900.


The Pros

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The Cons

The Price

Although you can buy the total gym 1900 in many different places online the cheapest I have seen it has been on amazon for $319 with free shipping.

You can also looking into a nice total gym attachment for your abs.

My Verdict

At the end of the day I compared the pros to the cons and I must say that the total gym 1900 is an excellent choice for an all purpose home gym. I would totally recommend that you get this total gym as it really works well and about half the price of the total gym xls.

Have you used this total gym before? Let me know your thoughts down in the comment section.



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