The Perfect Fitness ab Carver Pro – Does It Actually Work?

The best home gym equipment is here  to find out if the perfect fitness ab carver pro really works. The ab carver takes one of the best abs exercise that is regularly used and provides a product that can be used by everyone. This exercise will supposedly target your mid section effectively but will it work ?

This product originates from the same company that brought you products like the perfect push up, pull up, and sit up. They really like to take advantage of the simplest body type exercises and building equipment that will assist you with your goals.

Read on as I will reveal why I personally have this product at my house.


What Makes It So Good?

To make sure that the exercise is done correctly a strong spring has been installed inside. This is a bonus for beginners as it helps you control your body movement which stabilizes your core.

The broad wheel can be angled in various direction to target every part of your stomach and even your oblique’s. You may know that balance is essential and that is why this is so different from all the other rollers. The balance you have here is incomparable as you can actually do your movements without your balance interfering.

Perfect fitness claims that with the kinetic engine that is inside in the ab carver pro assist you in getting 6 packs because without this equipment you wouldn’t have the resistance or support. This just claims that when you extend forward your midsection stays engage with the exercise and there is no lost movement.

This claim is correct, I personally used the ab carver and to my surprise I felt it work my whole body. Also the grip is very comfortable as you will be slanting your body when targeting your oblique’s.

Think about is as you extend your body forward you need to keep your body balanced which means to putting your whole body hard or stiff resulting in your whole body getting a real workout.

Will You Get A Six Pack?

Let’s clear up something, no one exercise will give you a six pack and that’s something you should be aware of. You will gain a six pack when you inherit a diet plan, steady exercise, and throw this exercise 3-5x a days to get optimal results.

If you are willing to do the first two things then I will recommend this equipment to give your workout an extra push that it may require to take your workout to the next level. It’s probably one the better equipment’s to target your midsection as effective as possible.

One thing I should tell you is that you don’t NEED the ab carver pro to get a six pack but it would help.

The Verdict

I’m recommending the ab carver pro as an equipment that you can use to enhance your workout. It should not be the only exercise in your workout, mixing in different exercises will ultimately give you the best benefits. I seen many ab wheels in the past and all if not most fail to have any real quality.

This is an upgraded version of the ab wheel, something that actually works and can be of good use to your and your body. At the end of the day I would recommend this product to anyone that’s trying to obtain a six pack. The ab carver pro is currently being sold for 39.99 at
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  • Kurt says:

    I’m gonna check this out. I see people using them at the gym and often wonder if it really works. Thanks for reviewing.

  • Michael says:

    Nice looking Website with good information on it.

  • Amanda says:

    Nice post full of useful tools

  • Srijan Bhardwaj says:

    I am checking it out! It’s a nice theme you have used! Beautiful website! Beautiful review.

    All the best for future posts!

  • Jolie says:

    I’ve seen these ab rollers before and even tried one out once, and they are super difficult to use. Interesting to see that it might’ve just been the dodgy product (it was a pretty cheap one, and the handles were really uncomfortable too). I will check this one out.. something of a higher quality like the ab carver might be easier to use and more effective too.

    • admin says:

      That’s the issue most ab rollers/wheels are made with very cheap material. for example the andle bars on most are so uncomfortable that you fight the pain more in your hands then in your midsection. This one is the best ab roller I’ve come across as is super effective in my opinion.

  • David Snodgrass says:

    I really liked the way you explained and gave reasons why but still did not try to sell it to me you just gave your opinion

  • Nishkarsh Sharma says:

    I really had no idea that such equipment even existed! I’ve been trying hard only with the ground work outs for abs! Thanks for this post! Great post! Beautiful!

  • john says:

    Looking good. I’ve never been one for home gym products, but this looks like it may be worth a try. Reasonable price, too.

    • admin says:

      I see what you mean john. although honestly this is one of my favorite equipment’s to have at my house basically because It can be used without much difficulty.

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