The Bow Flex Revolution Home Gym Review

The best home gym equipment is back for another review revealing everything you need to know.Do you find yourself struggling with finding enough time to dedicate to a gym? Then maybe The Bow Flex Revolution Home Gym is right for you. Discover all the types of exercises and what customers have said about it.

What Does It Consist of?

If you are unaware bow flex is a brand that produces machine equipment’s that are used to help you get toned and in shape, as well as improve your cardiovascular system. I’m not going to give you this long history lesson but what you should know is that over time the quality of their equipment’s have improved over time. This was made possible by the advanced technology that was implemented and now this is why this Bow Flex is being desired by so many.

They have incorporated coiled straps around a cam that is part of the road that allows adjustment dependent on the size of the user. Also, there is more exercises that can be done with this Bow Flex compared to the older versions. It even takes less space then the ones that came before this one, as I will explain this in a second.


Now To Find Out How This Works

This Bow Flex uses a special resistance technology(spiraflex) to give your muscles the perception that it is using free weights. You can do over 400 different type of exercises from the comfort of your very own home. Resistance can be adjusted from 10lbs to 220 lbs and even brings a cardio row. If you doubt the durability of this Bow Flex you will be delighted to find out that it has 10 years warranty.

The Pros 

The biggest advantage a home gym can provide for someone is that you can workout at your own pace without no one breathing down your neck waiting for you to finish or even you waiting for someone to finish so that you can actually workout. This Bow Flex is very compact and even better, it requires even less space in your home than all the previ_ous Bow Flex versions. The assembly is quite easy and even easier to break it apart allowing you to store it away where ever you desire.

What honestly caught my attention with this machine is the fact that you can leave it assembled as you can target so many different type of muscle groups. With the DVD workout that it brings you can build muscle strength and also improve your cardiovascular system with the all in one training method that Bow Flex provides.

        The Cons

Now what’s bad about it : I’ve heard some people say that they had to trouble with this bow flex because screws would be lose. I feel that’s on the user as you were who assembled it. I also hear people say it takes like 8 hours to assemble and that is a lie. It honestly takes about 3 hours. Maybe is the thought that they expect everything easy since it’s a well valued product.

As far as cons are concerned this was really all I found as more than not people tend to like it more than average. Remember no product will be perfect, you find out as if it’s right for you.

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Now the real question…

Does This Actually Work?

Now this all depends on you: If you expect that you will gain 10lbs of muscle and shed 5% of fat over night then this is not for you. It’s clear with the majority of positive comments that this home equipment actually works. If you know anything about working out you are more than aware of that losing weight and gaining muscle is a lot of hard work. Just because you workout once a month does not mean you will get result. To achieve some solid results, you will need to work out 3 to 5x a week.

At the end of the day, this home gym equipment does work but only if you put in the work.

Where You Can Buy It

The lowest place you can buy it is without a doubt at as it is $800 lower than at and this is a good amount of money that you can save.

10 year warranty:  Bow Flex provides you with 10 years of limited warranty making it a real home equipment that will always be of good use to you and who ever else you might want to workout with.

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  • Srijan Bhardwaj says:

    This is an excellent review. I liked the testimony part in particular! It’s simply amazing. I am surely going to check this out! 😀

    Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

    • admin says:

      I’m glad you found this review helpful. It’s important that we are informed of the best home equipment in the market that actually works 🙂

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