Perfect Pushup Elite Review

What Is The Perfect Pushup Elite ?

perfect push up elite

The perfect pushup elite is a home equipment product that give your push ups a more complete workout. The more variety of pushups you are executing the more muscles you will be working out. Say hello to less strain on your hands and even a more effective push up.

With the perfect pushup elite you will have the stability as these handles do support up to 400 lbs. It comes with the steel ball bearing system which allows for a much smoother and safer rotation of the wrist when completing your pushups.

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Some Of The Features:

What I Liked

If you ever done pushups you will know the strain and pain on your hands that will arrive because of the positions you are doing are a pain. This is why I love the perfect pushup elite so much as you are basically doing a much safer pushup but without losing any of the real benefits that are delivered when executing a pushup.

You think a pushup is too easy ? Well mr. tough guy, how about adding a weighted vest ! Remember the perfect pushup elite supports up to 400 lbs making it possible to create a better workout.

The steel ball bearing allows for that smoother rotation which results in less chance of injuries as you are incorporating your larger muscle groups while resting aside the smaller ones. This is essential because your bigger muscles are the ones that can handle the tension that comes from a pushup. With the rotation comes a more even spread of muscle conditioning through your larger muscle groups as none of your larger muscles will be improperly strengthened.

Each pushup bar weighs 2.1 pound adding up to 4.2 pounds with the firm handles being well constructed. The dimension for the perfect pushup elite are 12 x 12 x 12 inches. They are very easy to store away and even easier to take with you anywhere.

The perfect pushup elite is made from plastic for a small part and metal for the majority. This was done like this because they wanted a balance between the comfortableness but at the same time being durable. Don’t worry though as the metal was incorporated where it was needed to make a very good product.

perfect push up elite

What I Didn’t Like

This is sort of an opinion, as some people wont like the product because they think the push up is too hard. This is like this because you aren’t using  your whole upper body. You are relying on 3 large muscle groups to do all the work. This will discourage a lot of people but your muscles will gain strength over time and soon enough pushups will be a breeze!

With the perfect pushup elite only comes a small instruction attachment because the owner relies on customers going to their website to see all the different type of push ups you can.

What Were Customers Saying ?

A couple observations I made were that some people complaint that the handle bars were too wide which made it some what weird.

Also, the perfect pushup elite can slide at times on wood floors. It’s recommended to workout on top of a mat to avoid any injuries.

that’s about it as far any concerns that you should have about this product.

My Verdict

I totally recommend the perfect pushup elite as it works wonders. Be aware that the difficulty of the push ups will be up a notch but that should be a challenge you should take on with open arms. I for one enjoyed the difficulty because I didn’t have to do 150 pushups to get a good workout.

There are many people that have gotten themselves this home gym equipment, simple cause you can always use it and even incorporate it into your gym workout.

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  • CallumW says:

    Very basic, very understandable to read, it’s got pro’s and cons included. The site buttons are easy to find and are working. The text is visible to the naked eye. nice Social plug-ins which is very neat. Needs more visuals however. but overall this is good. I personally would like to buy the perfect push up elite because getting technique into the push up will work the muscles better.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the in-depth comment callum, I always like constructive criticism 🙂 I would recommend you get the perfect pushup elite when you get the chance as it would be very beneficial for anyone that wants to condition their body through pushups.

  • Jeremy says:

    Hello. Thanks for this honest review. I have been looking into giving these a try and I guess it’s about time to start doing and stop thinking. Thanks again. ~Jeremy

  • Emma says:

    Great site – easy to read and navigate with some awesome information! 🙂

  • Neil says:

    I could certainly do with a few pushup’s each day to improve my body a little. Your review on the Perfect Pushup Elite is awesome and this is definitely something I will be looking into. Thanks for the recommendation. Neil

  • Chris says:

    I actually own these and I highly recommend them for optimizing your pushups.. It has many benefits that not only build muscle, but also it is easier on your wrists. Wonderful informational post!

  • shawn says:

    Nice! I personally love the perfect push-up and it really does both improve push-up endurance and overall upper body and even stomach strength. I like to put my feet up on a chair or bed and do as many push-ups as i can. It will leave you sore but that’s how you know it’s working.

    • admin says:

      hey there shawn, I’m glad you’ve actually taken action with your workout as to many of us neglect working out. That’s a very good way to get sore !

  • Kari Jackson says:

    While nothing beats good ole fashion pushups, this is one of the few devices that help take your training to the next level. Thanks for the review.

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