Lifeline Power Wheel – Does It Work ?


As you may already know working from home can be super beneficial; Let the best home gym equipment take a look and see if the Lifeline Power Wheel can help us achieve a better workout. Working out our core is important as we require stability and all around body function that we cant optimize unless we have a solid core. It only helps us if we have certain equipment’s at home that we can just put on the floor and do a quick workout with.

There are many similar ab wheels in the market, I recently did a review of the perfect fitness ab carver pro which I actually rated really high as it’s also one of the best sellers in amazon. The question is, is it possible the Lifeline Power Wheel actually be better? That’s I will be sharing with everyone today.

How Does It Work?

The Lifeline Power Wheel is basically an all purpose ab wheel as it doesn’t only work with your upper body. It enables you to workout your midsection by also targeting your lower body simultaneously. This makes this ab wheel unique to say the least.

As you can see in the video the strap to put your feet are very innovative but you wont get the same response when seeking a review for the actual strap. The reality is that this power wheel can be quite annoying referring to the wheel strap as it can be difficult to put on and just use. Not a lot of people will use this feature as it is meant for advance users as you will need a good foundation of working out to try this out.


The only real critique I can give this lifeline power wheel is the design of the strap on the wheels, I feel they could have been made a lot better.

My Verdict

Apart from the Design of the straps I feel the ab wheel hits it out of the ball park, as the actual function as a home equipment is superb. Very durable and well made, If you don’t have a ab wheel and you seek one you couldn’t go wrong with the lifeline power wheel. You can always use this versatile ab wheel as you will always be coming back to it as there are so many different type of exercise you can perform as shown on the video above. If you are sure about your decision, I reassure you that you will get your moneys worth.

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