Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar Review

The famous Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar was made to help people all around the world reach their maximum fitness level. It helps you build your body through various exercises such as chin-ups , pull – ups , and abdominal workouts. You would be amazed that all of this is accomplished while hanging off the top of your door ! What a way to save some space from your tradition al home equipment.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar ReviewYou can even remove it and use it to perform dips, push ups , and sit ups to target your abs. It’s a very resourceful way to get a quick workout whenever you can from even the comfort of your own bedroom.

I would even say that it will work quite well inconjunction with the perfect push up elite.

Iron Gym has been known to provide excellent working out equipment on the market repeatedly. This is no exception, the total upper body workout bar was build with no limitations. It is meant for you to workout hard , non stop on it in case any of you were thinking about taking slow on the bar.

If you are looking for a more complete pull up equipment then you might want to look at the weider tower.

The Features

Size And Weight

Doorway Requirements:

What I Like:

What I Don’t Like:

My Verdict On The Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Bar

I’m sure you can see why I love this workout bar so much as i’m under 6ft tall so the cons don’t really apply to me but I can see this is something that might turn away some people interested in this home equipment. I’ve personally used this equipment on multiple occasions and have never had any real issue with it.

Even when I got some what over weight the Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Bar was always able to support my weight. It has never left me down and I’m pretty sure it won’t let you down either.

I have multiple friends that bought it as well mostly due to the fact that sometimes we just don’t have time in the day to go to the gym. We all have different schedules and at times it may not be convenient to go to the gym but what’s better than getting a quick workout from the comfort of our house.

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Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Bar

Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Bar



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