How To Choose A Treadmill The Right Way

How To Choose A Treadmill

Finding the right way to lose fat can be quite difficult but how to choose a treadmill doesn’t have to be. Knowing what to look for in a treadmill can scare a lot of people away as they feel they are picking a product in the dark. I’m going to give you a helpful guide on what to look for when searching for a treadmill.

It has been said that using a treadmill is one of the most effective ways of losing weight but what treadmill’s are there to use or if all work the same? The truth is that not all treadmills work the same as there are many things to consider. With that being said let’s begin taking a look.

You Get What You Pay For

It’s true the best treadmills in the market are ultimately the most expensive one’s but that does not mean that there aren’t any good treadmills for a decent price. Learning how to choose a treadmill seems like a daunting task for some but it really shouldn’t be.

Let’s be clear though, you cant expect a $1000 dollar treadmill to work as well as a $3000 dollar one. If you understand this then keep reading as I will provide you with helpful pointers on what to look for when buying a treadmill.

Different Type Of Treadmill

Now it all depends on your needs because there are many different types of treadmills.

Treadmill Without A Motor – These treadmill’s are primarily used for people that only are going to be walking. It only works inclined because that’s how the treadmill creates the power to function. This treadmill can’t be used flat but then again I wouldn’t use this treadmill as it forces too much pressure on your joints.

Treadmill With A Motor For Walking – This type of treadmill is more common and ultimately better as there is less pressure on your joints because the platform is flat. The motor is adequate to what the user chooses, as you can control the speed of you which to walk at.

The Running Treadmills – This is easily the most famous one as more people tend to run but this is an all purpose treadmill as well. With the integrated motor that it contains you can run or walk at speeds from 1 km/h to 16. It brings some nice features like a heart monitor, mp3/iPod space to place on the board, calories burned, distance travelled, and you can even run inclined.

Which Type Of Motor Works Best

First and foremost, the most important feature you should concentrate on a treadmill is the motor. A good/great motor can provide you an excellent workout and give your treadmill the life expectancy that it should have. If you don’t know, most treadmills have 2 motors with one is used for driving the belt and the other is used to alternate the incline levels.

Let me clarify the confusion over the internet on this as I see a lot of discussion on this topic.

You shouldn’t be the one choosing which type of motor as there really is no real measurement on this. For example, let’s say treadmill model A has a horse power of 2.5 while treadmill model B has a horse power of 3.0. If you didn’t know any better you would think model B was better because it has more horse power, right ? The truth is this isn’t a good way to value the treadmill as there isn’t no real standard of horse power for these treadmills.

The calculation that is made to judge the actual quality of the treadmills widely varies as no 2 models use the same system to judge their actual quality. At the end of the day judging a treadmill on their horse power is not a good way to make a decision when comparing treadmills but let me explain how this can be avoided.

It’s quite simple choose the right model, don’t focus on the horse power. To be on the sure side though I would recommend a horse power of 2.5 as anything under that may result in over heating. If you happen to weigh more I would suggest a stronger one if possible but always remember is more important to look for the right model then the right horse power.

With that being said I would suggest to get as much warranty as you can on the motor or parts if it’s available, simply because anyone would tell you a treadmill is an investment. At the end of the day you want to be sure of what you paid for and there really isn’t no better way.

The Tread belt

People tend to overlook this important feature as not a lot of people put attention to the tread belt but let’s take a look. A more comfortable running space equals a more lucrative workout. I suggest that you look for a treadmill that has a deck which is 3/4 thick as this will help you avoid injuries.

As important as the thickness is, the running surface is equally important. I always recommend that the running surface be around 2 ft wide by 4 to 5ft long, as this will provide you the area to walk or run comfortably.

With treadmills we want to make sure we always have the adequate space to workout comfortably to make it a positive experience every time we choose to do some cardio.

The Preset Functions

You will come across many features in varies treadmills but what is important is to choose what is valuable to you, don’t choose something just because it looks nice. For example are you a serious runner or a casual runner ? Then if you are a casual runner why would you need the most comprehensive features in the market?

At the end of the day you just want to know your progress on a general scale, not something that will evaluate your performance detail by detail. This will cost you more and can get quite expensive.

You can see why the most expensive treadmill’s in the market have such a high price tag. The features that these expensive treadmills contain are limitless.

Choose something simple and basic, the easier it is to read and evaluate your workout the better it will be.Plus these high tech stuff are vulnerable to breakdown in a short time span.

The Size Is Important

This is self explanatory as you need to calculate how much space you have where ever you would like to place your treadmill. You want to make sure you have enough space to be able to run or walk comfortably and not feel like you are in such a confined space.

A good feature to look for is to make sure your treadmill has a folding system that way when you are not going to use it you can easily put it away.

The Weight Of The Treadmill

You might know this but I’m going to say it either way, treadmills are usually made from steel or aluminum. People don’t put a lot of emphasis on this but I believe they should based on the fact that there is one real benefit to a heavier treadmill.

The reason I would go with a steel one instead of aluminum is basically because it ways more and this removes all the vibration you feel when you run or walk in a lighter treadmill.

If you have a lighter treadmill you will notice that at times you tend to lose your balance and this can be a scary thing as you are no longer are having a safe workout.

As you can see this can be very important, so the moral of the story is to aim for a frame made of steel.

Warranty / Support

Before you buy any treadmill or just anything period, you should always get your microscope and read the fine prints. Make sure that there is a good coverage plan in place as nothing is perfect and this goes for treadmills. The parts are going to be some what limited but make sure that actual motor has at least 10 years of warranty at the minimum.

Make sure that the company you are buying any expensive equipment from have an actual support email or maybe even a live chat. Your treadmill should come with a manual but usually it can be complicated at times, that’s why support is essential. Make sure to get an actual phone number that you can dial up if you have any issues.

The Last Words

A treadmill is an awesome way to lose weight and getting in shape. In the long run this is simply is the best way to stay motivated to exercise as you don’t need to force yourself to go to a gym or even to the park to exercise.

As you can see there are many different features that you should evaluate before you dive in head first into your favourite local store. I hope you found this review useful and that I cleared up some confusion on the internet over this topic. Leave your feedback and let me know what you think as I want to hear your thoughts.

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