Bowflex Selecttech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1 – Is It Worth Buying ?

As you may know using free weights it’s the most bang for your buck you will get as machines don’t work to the capacity the free weights do. The Bowflex Selecttech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1  is perfect for using dumbbells and even barbells.

But does the best home gym equipment recommend it ?

If you go into any sporting goods store or online shopping you will come across a lot of advance gym equipment’s that cost thousandths of dollars. Now I’m not saying they are worthless but the truth is that there are cheaper choices that work just as well.

For example, if you get an adjustable dumbbell like the Bowflex selecttech 1090 it can give you a full body workout as the weights range from 10 to 90 lbs. Back to the adjustable bench.

What Exactly Is The Bowflex Selecttech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1?

To begin with this Bowflex Bench Series 5.1 is made from very durable metal and material to last the weight of pretty much about anyone. It allows from 6 different positions ranging from incline to decline to optimize any exercise you are willing to do.

The support that comes with this bench is essential as there needs to be a good durable foundation to be able to withstand the continuous amount of weights that you will be exerting when working out. If you are looking for something more than just a bench then have awesome news!

What makes this bench unique and better than most of it’s competition is the fact that you can adapt grips, bars , and even adjustable pads. This bench series 5.1 is pushed as a one size fits all equipment and rightfully so. You can really do a lot on this bench if you are serious about working out.

How Does It Compare Against Other Benches?

If you ever use the generic benches on your local gym you will notice they usually only consist of 3 different angles which is incline , straight bench , and decline. As this adjustable bench series 5.1 it comes with 6 different positions you can place your bench it ranges from 17 degrees decline to the full 90 degrees incline assisting you target every part of your muscle.

Also, with the different variety of degrees it provides a safer workout as you will have a more natural posture extracting those unbalance exercise like the dumbbell flies. This bench ultimately will provide you the workout that you need but let’s take a look at what other people are saying.

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews that customers have recently posted of their satisfaction.

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As you could see mostly everyone likes this bench series as it proves its quality worth from its competitors. A very durable bench is always desired but there is a lack of benches as of now but you can sure count on this bench series.

How Does It Compare To The Bowflex Selecttech Bench Series 3.1 ?

If you ask me, the real difference between the bench series 3.1 vs the bench series 5.1 is the fact that on the 5.1 series the seat is adjustable which increases the diversity of exercises and increases the flexibility that you can exert. Don’t get me confused both benches are very good but to single out the best of the two would be the bench series 5.1.

As both are said to increase your workout posture, if you know anything about working out you should know that you want to handle 100% of the weight load. Both of these benches are ideal as you will be handling 100% of the weight with the correct posture resulting in a better and more effective workout.

My Verdict

As you may know Bowflex is a very reputable brand with countless amount of working out equipment’s that surpass it’s competition and that’s no different here. Also, if you are unsure the bowflex selecttech adjustable bench series 5.1 holds a 30-year warranty on frame, one-year warranty on upholstery.

If you are in the market for a bench I suggest you give the bench series 5.1 a go and I promise you wont be disappointed.

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