Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair) – Is It Worth Buying?

You lacking the time to dedicate to the gym then maybe this Bow flex Select Tech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Pair will make your life that much easier. The best home gym equipment will brake down the positives and the negatives. In reality the majority of us don’t have the time to go to the gym simple because there isn’t that much time in the day.

When we start a gym membership we usually are motivated by the fact that ohh we have all these equipment’s to build muscle. The truth is you don’t need all those fancy machines or benches, you can honestly build more muscles by doing dumbbell workout’s. You will be isolating your muscles better and growing proportionately.

When you begin looking at the dumbbells that are being sold you will soon come to the conclusion that these dumbbell’s are not created equally. There will be people selling almost fake products as they are being produced with bad material. This will lead to a dumbbell breaking in no time!

A Small Overview Of The Bow Flex 552 Dumbbell

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How Are They Different From Traditional Dumbbells ?

Normal dumbbells you would have to take the weights off one by one and usually be screwed up. The issue with this is that it waste to much time and if there is one thing we want is to be as quick as possible with our workouts. Now, this is where the select tech 552 comes in.



With the help of the unique dial system that This dumbbells has it allows to pack 15 different weights combined all into one. This is just AWESOME as you save so much time in this alone.

You can easily increase or decrease the weights by just turning the dial and begin changing the weights by 2.5 lbs increments. Why 2.5 lbs ? If you didn’t know that’s on average how much you should go up in weights to gain a steady muscle growth.

This adjustable dumbbell ranges from 5 pounds to 52.5 which seems to be the range of muscle building that most of us are.

Difference Between Regular Dumbbells And The Select Tech 552 ?

If you are reading this review I assume you have used a dumbbell before. If you look at regular dumbbell’s they usually restrict you on how much flexibility you can exert. This is where Select Tech 552 shines as the range of motion you can accomplish is really astonishing.

This simply means with more range of motion the more different muscles we will be targeting. Think of it like this have you ever worked out and only part of the muscle you were targeting got sore? Well there you go, that’s lack of range of motion; you were being restricted by the movement or the actual equipment you were doing.

Don’t get me wrong you will still have pretty good results with other dumbbells but this specific dumbbell makes working out so much easier and avoids making it a drag.

Let’s face it working out can be a drag at times so we must do everything in our power to make it as convenient as possible.

Let’s Find Out What People Are Saying

Here are some of the latest reviews on this product. _ Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair) _ Bowflex Dumbells _ Sports & O - Internet Explorer 2014-12-19 13.56.52

Most people love this product and this can a testimony to how well this sells in the market.

Are There Any Negatives?

As you may see it’s very hard to find any negatives but one small concern was that they may be too long for certain exercise as they are 16 inches long. I agree to this to some degree as this will only be a concern for maybe decline exercises or those type of exercises.

The other concern was that it only goes up to 52.5 pounds and well this might be a concern for bodybuilders or the big guys at the gym. For the average Joe this product will do wonders.

In reality, I feel the dumbbell accomplishes what it was created to do and that’s make the life easier of us working out at home.

It also comes with a tremendous warranty of 30 years if you buy the bundle but the product does include a 2 year warranty on parts.

Have You Decided Yet?

If you haven’t there is something I would like you to do is first ask yourself is this product worth $294 and second actually go to the amazon site for all the reviews there. Click on the link below to be redirected to the product page.

Take A Look At All The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair) Reviews


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