Bow Flex Selecttech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell Single Review – Find Out What I Love About This Dumbbell

The Bow Flex Selecttech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell Single are simply amazing! Today the best home gym equipment is doing a much needed review on these dumbbells. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Bow flex has reputation of making quality equipment’s compared to other brands.

You can really gain a defined physique with dumbbells but wanting to do something and actually doing it are two different things. You should be aware that using dumbbells for working out is one of the most effective ways of working out as you are required to handle the weight in separate hands instead of a barbell.

If you are just starting off lifting weights then you might not lift so much weight but as you progress you will find yourself lifting more weight surprisingly fast.

What makes the Bow flex selectech 1090 so amazing is the fact that changing the weight just requires a twist of the dial. apart from this you also get the Secrets of the 4-Step Rep DVD with more than 30 exercises to perform.

What Exactly Is The Bow Flex SelectTech 1090?

In simple terms, it’s an adjustable dumbbell that allows you to have about 17 different weights ( 10 pounds to 90 pounds ) packed in one Dumbbell. It allows you to do so many different types of exercises allowing you to get the most out of your workout without having to use those expensive exercise stations.

How Changing The Weight’s Work?

As I mentioned earlier you can change the weight’s from 10 to 90 pounds with just twisting the dial with 5 pounds increments. The reason behind this is to increase the power output that you create and this helps by making it easier to keep track of your performance as you are not dropping and picking up a different dumbbell each time you do an exercise.

Another benefit is that you are less tired as you aren’t dropping dumbbell’s to pick a different one and this can equate to a more effective workout.

Something else I liked was the fact that this is a quiet dumbbell; it’s not like your traditional dumbbell as the noise can be annoying but the Bow Flex SelectTech 1090 exceeds here as it’s as quiet as crickets in the background haha. I’m not joking they seem that quiet.

The benefits just keep going as this might be even better as it’s so easy to use that the simplicity should not be overlooked. The change of the weights is probably the most appealing attribute that I seek for when searching for dumbbell’s.

What have People Said?

For the most part the reviews have been excellent but with some minor complaints. No product can ever be perfect but the Bow Flex SelectTech 1090 gets really close. Check out some of the reviews below.

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As you can see it does not disappoint what so ever !

Are There Any Negative Comment’s ?

There are some like for instance some people don’t like the grip as they say it’s uncomfortable. I had the same thought in the beginning but got used to it very quickly.

I also saw some people say that the 15 pound weights would brake. This might have been for letting them drop down from a foots height. The adjustable dumbbells aren’t made to thrown around like regular dumbbells, you need to be somewhat cautious.

Warranty ?

bow flex company give you a 3 year warranty. When you get your weights there’s a paper that comes with it that explains warranty. I think as long as you take care of it, it will last you a very long time.

They are very durable as I use to have them myself and I totally love them as I primarily use dumbbell’s to workout.

My Final Verdict

I totally recommend this product for anyone that is serious about building muscle. You can easily get a full body workout without having to drive to a gym or buying some total gym full station.

If you feel you need something with less weight’s then I suggest you take a look at the review I did on the Bow flex selecttech 552 .

Are you still in doubt?

What Are People Saying About The Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell (Single)





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  • Lis says:

    Very interesting product. I will let my brother know about them and your website as he is into defining his muscles :). Lis.

  • Ty Jord says:

    I’m all for home workout and this seems like a fantastic Idea, will check this in more detail, thanks for sharing.


    • admin says:

      Good to hear that TY as more and more people are starting to workout at home. Looking for the right equipment can be difficult but I hope my reviews will assist people looking for help (:

  • Margot says:

    My nephew uses dumbbells and they are so unbelievably loud. I really like the idea that these are quiet at crickets! He’ll be getting your website information so he can hopefully get these. Thanks for the great review. It makes it a lot easier to make a decision about these.


    • admin says:

      Hi there margot, I’m glad you found this review. I personally don’t enjoy those heavy gym dumbbells that’s why I got the bow flex select tech 1090 myself a while back.

  • Seth says:

    Great product review and I love it. I just have one set of from local store here in my home town but not the same brand.

  • Srijan Bhardwaj says:

    It’s quite a cool and interesting product! I hit the gym daily but now when i have exams, i was looking for a pair of dumbbell. I am going to check them out right away!

    Thanks for sharing! Had a good time reading it.

    PS. Those reviews are great too! And the video you used is a good way to build quality and brand!

    Cheers! 😀

    • admin says:

      Oh I can totally understand you, when in school it’s hard to find time to dedicate to the gym. Check them out and let me know as I really like them 🙂

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