Bow flex PR1000 Home Gym – What You Should Know

An Overview

Today the best home gym equipment will review this bow flex and see if it’s right for you. The Bow Flex PR1000 Home Gym is perfect for a beginner starting off as it is very user friendly to a certain extent. The resistance rods do take a little bit getting used to but nothing too complicated. The most weight it holds is 210 and this is why I said this is great for beginners as for weight lifting enthusiastic, this will be a obstacle. As you begin lifting weights this 210 pounds will be easy to top. My only real negative comment I could make off this home gym is the fact that they should have had an option to upgrade the weights one way or another. Now let’s go somewhat in depth with this review.


Time To Build It

This is probably one of the biggest advantages this bow flex has over other home gyms, is the fact that the assembly is pretty quick and simple. Getting your PR 1000 build doesn’t take longer than 2 hours which is just awesome if you know anything about how long building home gyms take. But like always you should check your installation as it’s possible to have a couple of screws loose. Also space shouldn’t be an issue for you in your home as this Bow flex can be folded and this can really create space for you in your house.

An Actual Real Opinion On The Quality Of This Machine

Let’s get into it; Overall this home gym is really good but what I personally wasn’t too fond off was the fact that the resistance rods tend to be a little bit stiff. I’ll explain as you get to the middle of an exercise and you extend the range of motion it get’s somewhat harder to continue but it’s something you can get used to.

I really don’t understand why Bow flex didn’t create this model with the option of upgrading the actual weights from 210 pounds to anything further. That’s probably the biggest bone to pick that I have with this home equipment. On this fact is why this home gym is more for a beginner or someone that doesn’t workout as much as a bodybuilder.

Also, the fact that this home gym only targets the upper body for the exercises as it lacks lower leg exercises. It really only has a few, so it’s not really a home gym that is the most lucrative.

Don’t get me wrong you can get away with the lower body exercises but you don’t have the variety that some people seek in a home gym.

Their Customer Service Is A Concern

This might be the breaking point for a lot of soon to be customers, the fact that the warranty isn’t as guaranteed as you might like it as is Frame – one year; Rods – five years; Parts – 60 days. This I would be able to deal with but the fact that when you tried to contact Bow flex about broken parts or anything like that, it’s a very long wait and usually annoying.

As you can see there are some concern that should be weighed in when making a decision but I’m going to tell you if I personally would use it or recommend it.

Final Verdict

In the end I would only recommend this home gym for a beginner or someone that wont be using this machine constantly. The biggest issue as previously stated is the fact that the weight can only go up to 210 pounds. If you feel this isn’t going to be an issue for you then I would strongly recommend it as in quality is very good.

Click Here To Buy The Bow flex PR1000 Home Gym

If that isn’t the home gym you are looking for then I suggest you take a look at another Bow flex Review I did. This one is more fit for further along working out enthusiastic. Leave your feedback as I would love to read what you think.

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