Bosu Balance Trainer Review

Today I’m taking some time to write up my Bosu Balance Trainer Review and help you figure out if this is a piece of equipment worth spending some money on.

What Is The Bosu Balance Trainer?

The bosu balance trainer is a fitness product that is meant to emphasise on working out your core but with stability as the backbone of your workout. What I like about the boss balance trainer is that although it’s meant for core exercises does not mean that you can’t use it for other exercises as well.

The boss ball is meant for beginners all the way to advance, it’s really an all purpose product that everyone should have at home.

The bosu ball is made out of pretty much indestructible material as many have found out that they have had this product around their house and has lasted them years.

I feel almost everyone can benefit from using the bosu ball! The only people I see not reaping the actual benefits of this product would be power lifters but apart from that this product is for everyone.

You can mix this product with some quality abs equipment and can really help you out.

The Good

The Bad


I actually seen this bosu ball sell commercially for about $200 which isn’t a bad deal for the type of product you are getting but you can actually buy it for $109.95 with free shipping on amazon.┬áIt also comes with a workout DVD so you can follow step by step on your way to getting comfortable enough that you will eventually do your own exercises.

My Take On The Bosu Ball

As far as pros and cons there isn’t much else to say, this is a product that everyone should look into at least. Most people will not see the real benefits of what a bosu balance trainer can actually provide in result you will only see trainers in commercial gyms using this type of equipments for their clients.

Ask yourself, if a trainer is using the bosu ball for his or her clients what does that say about this product ? ITS A MUST HAVE !

Most novice will neglect this type of training because one they think the best method is free weights but thats a lie, the best method is when you start incorporating different types of exercises.

Two they find it too difficult but thats whats awesome about it ! When you first start it might be some what hard but once you get the hang of it then it becomes actually fun ! Plus it’s a way to mix up your workouts for optimal results.

My Verdict

This is one of the only products that I feel is a must have for anyone. I strongly recommend it as you will see the difference in your stability, your cardiovascular , and even the way you look in some cases. I personally have used the bosu ball before and I truly love it as it makes you work smarter not harder.

Learn to control your balance and work your body as a whole not one body part at a time. Give it a try and let me know what you actually think. I’m always interested in your feedback everyone, so shoot away !

Are you sold on this bosu ball ? Buy it for cheap online.




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