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My Story

Hi, I’m Yunier Gonzalez. Welcome to my website www.besthomegymequipmentguide.com .

I love being active through out my day as it’s important to be in good shape. I used to go to the gym but then I discovered something that has never brought me back to another one, it’s not for me, I rather have a home gym.

This is were my story and this website intertwine. You might be able to relate as to the amount of people in your local gym with half the people hogging a machine when they aren’t even using them. Then the fact that these monthly memberships can add up very quickly.

On average gyms cost about $30 a month, this will add up to $360 a year. If you think about it this quite expensive as you can buy some different type of total home gym that are about the same price. This is huge because now this equipment is yours and you just didn’t lose your money.

With that being said it can be very hard to choose what are the best home gym equipment’s but that’s where I come in. You see I devote my time in reviewing many home gym equipment’s to assist my audience in making the best choice when buying a certain equipment.

I will review many different products such as cardio equipment’s, abs program, and even total home gyms. You will find this very useful as I will give you a tour of the product without actually having it in your possession.

Can You Help Me Out?

All I would like from you is that to tell me your experiences if you have used the certain product I’m reviewing as that way when someone comes to visit my website they have access to real time reviews from other people within this very website.

Thank you for your time, look forward to hearing from you at my next review.