Ab Wheel Review

Here’s another review by the best home gym equipment ; This Ab Wheel Review will shed light on if the ab wheel is an equipment worth getting. It’s been one of the best home workout equipment’s for the last 2 decades and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

What Is An Ab Wheel ?

An Ab Wheel is usually described as a wheel or multiple wheels with a stick or pole going in between the wheels. You can actually make them yourself but to make sure you don’t injure yourself due to not using the proper materials or not put together properly I would search for the best on in the market plus they tend to be inexpensive compared to other gym equipment.

Many people ask will an ab wheel get me some 8 packs ? The real answer is no because exercise alone won’t give you your physique you seek but with the proper nutrition plan it can definitely provide you with results you are after.



What Muscles Will You Target ?

People don’t actually know that when you use an ab wheel you tend to work out more than just your abs. It’s actually a full body movement if done correctly. You can work your legs , arms , gluten , shoulders , obliques , hips , calves and so much more.

It should be stated that using the ab wheel does take a decent amount of endurance and stability to perform this type of body movement.

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If this doesn’t feel like it’s the right ab wheel for you don’t worry. Take a look at the ab carver pro as it’s a little pricier but it’s worth the money from prior experience. Some times just going after the simple option doesn’t give you what you are after as a matter of fact it might make you fall on your face a couple of times , literally.

My Verdict

This Ab Wheel is one of the originals as you can see from it’s design. From this ab wheel the designs and construction have improved vastly. If anything it gave birth to all the wonderful high tech ab wheels you see on the market today. I would recommend this ab wheel as a last resort but the truth is there are better options out there. If this isn’t something you will be using constantly then I will encourage you to buy this Ab wheel but if you plan on using it 3 – 5x a week then you should go for something more durable.


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