Ab Rocket Review – What You Need To Know

The famous Ab rocket is another tv commercialized product but is it worth the money, that’s what the best home gym equipment will discover¬†. This is what this Ab rocket review is all about. As you may know many products are being advertised on TV but usually fail to really please the buyers.AB ROCKET

To be truthfully honest, I wouldn’t waste my money on the ab rocket but if you want to know the reasons why just keep reading.

 What Workout ?

The Ab rocket claims to get you toned and fit but its not logical to say the least. If you are not aware, getting abs is achieved by these 2 factors one is eating healthy and two is doing cardio/working out your abs. To workout your abs it needs to be hit from more than one position or angle. Simply put you cant get abs if ALL you do is just crunches.

Ab rocket claims you will get abs just by doing crunches with their machine but this is not true. To get abs you need to hit your midsection from different angles and position.

time to get into the actual ab rocket..

What I Like About It

What I Don’t Like About It

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My Verdict

I don’t want to seem like I am bashing the ab rocket but the truth is I don’t feel like it’s worth paying over $100 for this equipment. Are you going to get 6 packs from the ab rocket ? The answer will depend on you and I know that’s not what you want to hear but the truth is just working out doesn’t give you abs. You will need to be on a steady diet, do some cardio, and workout your core. Yes your abs might show by using the ab rocket but to truly workout your abs to get maximum results you will need to do different exercises.

Targeting your mid section from various angles is essential as I mentioned earlier but people don’t grasp this. If you are using the ab rocket as your only method to revealing your abs then is a bad equipment BUT if you are using as way to do crunches an easier way than I would recommend it.

Take a look at another abs equipment that you might like The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro. Now that you read my review tell me what do you think ?


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